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3D ART SHOW at the International Digital Group Exposition "Global Horizons: Celestial Journeys V"

Dear art enthusiasts 😊

have you ever visited a 3D online gallery and exhibition?

Here's an opportunity to do so!

My artwork "The Universe is Listening" is currently being showcased by the Artio Gallery in such an online exhibition. This contemporary art gallery is dedicated to promoting national and international artists in the Canadian and international art market.

The Artio Gallery connects artists with professionals, art collectors, and other artists, and is at the forefront of the digital marketplace with innovative online exhibition spaces that coincide with major art fairs, showcasing highly coveted works by today's leading artists. I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

My art work is being exibited from March,13th to April, 13th 2024. You can view the exibition catalogue here.

Enjoy your 3D-Art Show visit here. Simply turn to the left and you will see my art work.

Artistic Greetings

Jana Nirvana


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