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What do we do in the Spiritual Painting Sessions?

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In the spiritual painting sessions, everyone discovers healing inspiration! In small, personally guided groups at my art studio at Tönniesberg 9 in Hannover, we harness the power of art to embark on a journey into your heart's energy. We start with a breathing exercise and a short meditation led by me, where you travel into your inner world and find your intention for the painting session. Themes always align with current energies. With love and dedication, I guide you, helping you open your heart with the magic of art. The goal is to maintain the energy felt during the meditation also while painting, finding a relaxed connection to yourself. In the end, we reflect on how your artwork mirrors your intention or theme. I've developed this method of energy work with guaranteed elevation of your vibrations and I am excited to share it with the world! If you resonate with this, contact me at for details on upcoming sessions. Of course you can participate from whereever you are in the world and paint together with me online!


"What Dr. Jana managed to evoke in me in just one painting session is simply white magic! Therapists haven't achieved this in years of sessions! I thank Jana from the bottom of my heart and will book painting sessions again and again." 
Carsten, 55 years from Hannover

"It's an all-round package on a soul level that you get from Jana. A magical blend of expertise, magic, ritual, lots of heart, love, being seen, being heard, sweets, meditation, and fun!!

Jana has helped me delve deep into myself, and that continues even after the session. My vibration has elevated. I see the world differently since that day. I feel the new frequency on which I am vibrating so strongly. It's almost out-of-body. Things are happening to me that didn't happen before. Everything is different. It's as if Jana took a brush and simply glued the cracks in my heart with gold. That's how I can describe this experience with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lightness and peace, that's what remains.

Melissa, 27 years from Celle

I had the priviledge of having a painting session with Jana and what moved within my soul and my life is simply incredible. It is proof that there are no limits to energy, as this happened over Zoom. The painting session rekindled my desire to express myseld creatively and opened a door to a different kind of transformation.

Lora, 50 years from Cologne


"In the painting session with Dr Jana you are invited to immerse yourself in a new world. Right after the greeting, we felt a sense of creative freedom and lightness. In this space, anything is possible! 
The theme of our session was "Visionboard for 2024." With this intention, Jana guided us through a meditation where we created our vision. 
Jana opens up a space for a truly special creative unfolding! Leonie, painting for the first time in a while, immediately felt comfortable, allowing her to experiment freely. But even for those who have been painting for a while, Jana creates a wonderful atmosphere for creative expression. Thank you for this great experience!
Leonie, 28 years, and Lena, 27 years, from Hannover

"I find Dr. Jana's spiritual painting practice is a way to go within and connect with my Higher Self with miraculous ease, while releasing pain and feeling free to move more in alignment. When I paint with Dr. Jana regularly, it is reflected in my daily life, too."
Mary, 83 years from Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The paintind session with Jana provides me the opportunity to transfer my feelings and emotions onto the canvas in a judgment-free, protected space. I don't need to please anyone; I can be myself and feel wonderful. The meditative elements of the painting session give me so much energy and strength beyond the day, allowing me to shape everyday life positively. Rarely have I felt so good after something new and unfamiliar. Thank you, dear Jana, for our encounter. 🍀
Ute, 62 years from Springe


The painting session with Jana was a great experience. I would love to experience so much positive energy in a place with such wonderful people more often. I take not only a painting but also so much strength and energy with me.
Nancy, 41 years
 from Berlin

The spiritual painting session with Jana was a wonderful, energetically creative afternoon with a lot of spirit. It's more than just "painting"! Thank you for that and your being, dear Jana.
Christina Myriel, 52 years from Ehlershausen

"I surrendered to the process of painting in Jana's old art studio. It was magical! Two paintings emerged, now hanging in my apartment. I immediately knew what wanted to flow out of me. And there was no one correcting or lecturing me. It was an extremely valuable experience for me. Jana is a fantastic artist. Her paintings touch deeply."
Birgit, 65 years from Hannover

"The painting session was a truly fantastic pouring event! I haven't felt such good energy in a long time! This can be built upon. Thank you for everything; I will gladly come back to marvel at myself :)"
B., 63 years from Hannover

"What a wonderful painting session! I found my center and peace and could discover what is very important to me in life through painting. It was especially beautiful that I did the painting session with my husband, and I felt that the spiritual painting session further connected us! Thank you so much, and anytime again!"
Irmgard, 45 years from Hildesheim

"The painting session was sensational! Meditating, letting warmth and joy flow through the heart and the whole body, and then putting it all on canvas... The result is hearts that touch each other. Because love, warmth, joy are the only things that double when shared!"
Bettina, 57 years from Hannover

"Jana's sessions were an overall very interesting and inspiring experience. I have already attended two courses. The first one had the theme of a new beginning. Jana started with a meditation where we identified our personal issues. According to this theme, we then created our painting using the fantastic pouring technique she taught us. The result was impressive.
Second course: This time the theme was heart energy. The October course started again with a relaxing meditation, focusing entirely on our heart energy. Jana does it really well, and the energy was palpable. Everyone found their heart theme and then translated it into a painting in the shape of a heart.
I can only recommend Jana's painting sessions and will participate again at the end of November. Great vibes. Cool people."
Katja, 45 years from Hannover

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