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In the studio Am Tönniesberg 9 in Hanover 

Quantum Healing and Art

I was born in Upper Silesia in the Czech Republic. I have spent most of my life in Germany so far. I studied in France, among other places, where I exhibited my works in art galleries on the Côte d'Azur back in 2000.

Since completing my doctorate in history at Leibniz University Hannover in early 2020, I have again devoted myself intensively to art. My inspiration came in the first "lockdown" when I was painting in the streets with other artists and I realized that art is invaluable for my salvation and helps me to break free from external circumstances.

Quantum healing is the subject of my spiritual art. For me, art is not a means of distraction from everyday life and the associated trauma. Rather, art takes me by the hand and pulls me up into higher vibrational levels. Creating art opens up our subconscious and allows immediate access to aspects of ourselves that need healing. I see it as my calling, to share this approach to quantum healing in form of my High Vibration Energy Art with other people. More about my life journey, my work and my creations can be found on my portfolio at the international Art Gallery Singulart. In my individually supervised Spiritual Painting Sessions, I am very happy to take selected interested people with me to journey into the world of light healing and art.

The Superstar from the movie "The Secret" Marie Diamond with my High Vibration Energy Art Work "Royal Pink", August 2023

My spiritual writing also contributes to the raise of collective vibrations. 
In volume 2 of the book Global Conscious Entrepreneurs, together with Marie Diamond and other 31 authors, I wrote a chapter about my life and how I consciously design it with my artistic work. The book became #1 bestseller on Amazon in multiple countries and received the Global Conscious Entrepeneurs Award. The Award Gala Speakers are Leaders took place in February 2024 in London. The Speakers are Leaders Magazine was issued for this occasion and it includes further information on my artistic work
Awardees London 2.2024.jpg

With my co-authors during the Award Gala Speakers are Leaders in London, February 2024

When you read the Global Conscious Entrepreneurs book you realize that it is an uplifting #1 bestseller. Also you see clearly that the future of leadership lies in its connection with awareness and spirituality. In the context of the current  changes, I see myself as part of this worldwide movement and my mission is to support with my Energy Art the energetic transition into higher vibrational spheres.

With Marie Diamond and my other wonderful co-authors partying in London, August 2023

You can learn more about my energetic creations in the recent interviews with the Art Magazine Artist Artistcloseup, with the Celle newspaper (online article)/(print article), the magazine City Glow, the BILD newspaper (online article)/(print article) or in the video interviews with the Good Vibes TV and with Lily Patrascu .

What we are and what is fundamental to us lies in the correlation between our thinking and being. Today, contemporary art is required to override subjective experience as the telos and condition of the work of art. I counter the collapse of paradigm structures in contemporary art and in today's society by ignoring rational, speculative realism and instead allowing healing places of light to arise on another high-vibrating level of our being. After all, the liberation from low vibrations, which we only retrospectively presuppose and in fact cannot delve into without interpretation, is nothing more than another illusion.

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